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Clown girl of the Circus:

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White x Black x White Sleeves OP

and Black x White x Black Sleeves OP

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~エリザベート-死に愛された皇妃~ Twins with my friend~

Today’s outfit:

  • Jsk, head dress - AatP
  • Blouse - Angelic Pretty
  • Tights - Grimoire
  • Shoes - Jane Marple
  • Necklace - Handmade

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Today’s meetup coordinate - I was voted best coordinate and won a prize~! I was so happy ;u;

My theme was - obviously - donuts and bears. For whatever reason, I’ve always felt like they go well together lol…in fact, a month or so before Melty Cream Donuts was announced in Kera, I had drawn a humanized Korilakkuma wearing a donut print, thinking “AP should totally make a donut print.” …and that’s the story of how I knew I needed this dress instantly lol.

Sadly, these photos were taken at the end of the meet, so my hair had majorly deflated by then because of the heat and humidity. u_u
And I wish you could see my Korilakkuma backpack!!

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